There’s a wide variety of generic marketing materials out there, but if you want to stand out, specialty print items give a more professional message to your audience and tell your individual brand story. We have some great ways to use specialty printing that will help your business get noticed.

Tags, Tags, Tags

Hang Tags attract instant attention and recognition to your products, and can be attached to clothing and other items. You can really personalize your tags with your name and logo for a professional touch. You can also include care instructions or your company mission. Hang tags are an opportunity to bring attention to your brand with color, shape and image, that will stay in someone’s mind.

Name Tags are someone’s first impression when they meet you.Guests and visitors will feel welcome when they know who you are. Employees will feel like part of a team with name tags specifically designed to the company where they work. Name tags create a sense of community in the workplace when everyone knows each other’s names. And whether your an attendee, a volunteer, or a representative at an event, an eye catching and unique name tag will draw people to you. When someone knows your name, it can make a situation more familiar, relaxed and personal. Different options are:

  • Plastic printed name tags for short term positions
  • Metal engraved name tags for the CEO of your company
  • Erasable name tags for reuse

Whichever type of tag you choose to promote your business, make sure you choose custom printing to bring attention to your brand identity. Consider these design elements:

  • Size and shape
  • Color and material
  • Folded or one vs. two sided


We have all picked up a menu and been overwhelmed – by the amount of writing, choices, specials and/or pictures. And we have all held a menu in our hands that was stained or worn. A menu represents your business, and if it’s dirty, faded or torn, it makes for a bad first impression. Menus offer many options to let customers know what you have to offer:

  • Dine-in menus strategically designed and printed on durable water resistant or even waterproof paper give a clean and upscale feeling to your establishment.
  • Take-out menus are an inexpensive marketing tool. They can be printed on paper and used as mailers, or made on thicker paper stock and handed out at your restaurant. Either way it’s a great at home reminder to eat there, or anywhere else if you offer delivery.
  • Table tents are “spotlight menus” for specials or seasonal food and drinks. The images and print are larger, and table tents get lots of viewing time since they remain on the table throughout your customers’ visit.

Waterproof Paper

Waterproof paper is a durable material that can be printed on professionally. Who actually can benefit from waterproof paper?

  • Professionals who want to protect important documents from spills and tears
  • Hikers, skiers and tourists benefit from waterproof maps in inclement weather
  • Event planners who need posters for signage at outdoor events like parties and concerts

There are many wonderful ways to use waterproof paper if you need to strengthen and extend the life of your printed materials.

Always, always proof before printing

With any specialty printing project, double check the proof to make sure that all

of the design elements are what you asked for. Check the colors, print size and layout.  At ISS On Demand, we are happy to help you design, proof and print the right specialty print materials for your business. Contact us to schedule a consult.

Trade Show Graphics: Are You Ready?

You’ve reserved your space, marketed and advertised, and polished your pitch for your potential visitors. But are your trade show graphics as ready as you are?

Not only should your trade show display be attractive to potential clients, it should be comfortable and functional to work in for the length of the trade show. What do you hope to accomplish at the trade show? If you haven’t yet, attend another trade show to get ideas and see what to avoid. Knowing your purpose will help you craft your message. Will you:

  • Hand samples out to familiarize the public with your product?
  • Try to sign up new clients at a designated meeting space in your booth area?
  • Inform everyone about new and exciting things you have to offer, and hand out promotional materials and/or give demos?

Your graphics need to be bold and legible, with good quality images with high resolution. Focus on the eye catching, dynamic use of image, color, and word choice. Your company name does not need to be the star of the graphics, especially if you’re just getting started. Communicate what makes you unique, what you do differently than your competition.Your goal should not only be to engage your target customers, but to save you from spending time with customers who are not in your target market.

Visualize a bullseye with your booth in the middle. How will your graphics pull your desired visitors closer to you? Too much content or too many images can compete with each other causing distraction. Strategize your graphic placement on three levels:

100 feet away or further: Use bold images to identify your brand at the maximum height allowed, visible from any spot on the showroom floor. This will get people walking in your direction. Think towers, canopies, hanging signs.

10-50 feet from the end of an aisle, or one aisle over:  Choose images like your logo and tag line, that represent your company and what you offer. The best height for these graphics is 5 – 8 feet high, or just above eye level. Think outer walls, the back wall, etc.

1 – 10 feet away: Short-range trade show graphics are meant to communicate your brand’s message once attendees are in or near your exhibit space. They can include images, products, services and/or company information as well as infographics, charts and graphs that are legible from close distances.

Short-range graphics are smaller than mid and long-range graphics and are meant to be read at eye level, between 5-6 feet from the ground.

No matter how many surfaces or levels you have in your display what’s on them needs to tell a consistent and engaging story.

You’ve invested valuable time designing your booth, so make sure you view the plans before they are printed and constructed:

  • Think strategically about shelf placement
  • Double check all measurements
  • Make sure the monitors aren’t blocking logos or imagery, and that key words aren’t split by seams
  • Check the specific colors you requested and confirm that they came out the way you expected

There are a number of elements to consider when designing the right trade show graphics for your company. Hiring someone who has experience and skill with trade show graphics will ensure your trade show success. Contact us at ISS to schedule a consult for your trade show graphics.

Rack Cards: Here’s Why

Rack cards are an affordable and effective marketing tool easily seen and accessed in areas of high foot traffic. The benefits of rack cards are numerous. They enable you to reach a new audience, and in some cases be seen again and again by repeat visitors to the display location. They are easy to pick up and carry, and less expensive than information filled brochures, which have 6 sides to design.

You can use them to promote something specific, or as a general introduction to your business.



They generally come in two sizes, 4” x 9” or 3.5” x 8.5” and the key to a successful rack card is simplicity and focus. It’s easy to try and cram information in to a smaller document like this. But it’s a high impact tool that should communicate just a few key things.

Go out and look at rack card displays. What colors do you see? Which ones stand out, and why? At first glance you’ll notice that you only see the top half of the card, which needs a bright visual image that catches the eye of the viewer. Use original images that compliment to your brand. A strong headline or your business tagline in a striking font is a great attention grabber.

It’s best to have them printed on a heavier card stock, with a matte finish so your bold graphics will not be effected by the glare from sun, windows or indoor lighting. Use short descriptions and bullet points. Don’t be afraid to have some white space – it creates contrast with your visual aspects of the card. Make sure you include all your contact information – business name, address, phone, website, and social media platforms. And have a call to action – coupon, online discount code, business card, etc. You can even have a 2” perforated section at the bottom for this purpose for people to tear off and use, share, or hold on to.

Although the information should be clear and concise, your rack cards can be multi-purpose. They can fold, similar to a brochure, and have a menu or a listing of services, or a location map inside. One thing to avoid is listing actual prices, so you don’t have to reprint your cards every time your prices change.

The more unique your rack card is visually, the more it will stand out.



Rack card stands can be free standing or displayed on counters. You can find rack cards on display in places like:

  • Hotels
  • Rest Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Landmarks
  • Convenience stores
  • At your own business


What else?

Having your rack cards in a variety of display locations is a good strategy. They are the right size for 10” envelopes so another versatile option is to use them as mailers.

You can also give them out:

  • As packaging inserts
  • Handouts at trade shows and conferences
  • Sale or event reminders
  • Service announcements
  • Coupons at seminars and conferences


A rack card is a tangible piece of information that, designed successfully, potential customers will want to hold on to. Having an engaging and persuasive marketing tool like a rack card will put you a step ahead of your competitors. Contact ISS On Demand today to start the design for your rack card.

Wall Murals: Eye Candy for your Wall

Are you looking for a new way to draw attention to your business or a fresh way to communicate your message? Would you like to visually strengthen your identity and branding, or add some personality to an otherwise bland space? A wall mural can do all of this and more.

Maybe it’s time to decorate your office or home walls with something creative and innovative. Murals are an eye catching and creative way to draw attention to your goods and services. They are wonderful visuals for hotels, restaurants, and offices, and they enhance areas of high foot traffic like lobbies and reception areas. Wall murals can add depth and dimension to a small space, and framed or unframed, they are a dynamic solution for transforming different areas. Use them to draw attention to a space, or provide privacy.

With wall murals you can add depth and dimension by intensifying or highlighting certain colors, and color affects many things. It affects our emotions, and those emotions affect our spending decisions. Color also affects moods and behaviors like positivity, productivity and problem solving, great feelings to instill in both your employees and clients.


Murals are not just for walls :

  • Put them on ceilings, floors, tables, windows
  • Use them as trade show banners and signage, research posters, presentation materials
  • Decorate closet doors, headboards, room dividers, accent walls


You can create your mural from an original image, an existing piece of art, a photograph, or even an entire website page. The mural can incorporate your logo, tagline and testimonials. You can present a collage of different images and text. Each wall mural is unique to your specifications. Depending on the measurements, application surface and desired longevity, you can personalize it with choice of texture, finish, material and color enhancement.


Available Materials:  polyester, vinyl, paper, acrylic, canvas and more. Eco-friendly materials and inks are also available, and light weight but sturdy materials as well.

Visibility: choose from transparent, back lit or opaque

Longevity: murals can be permanent, and as removable or repositionable pieces

Finishes: some options are matte, glossy, iridescent to work with lighting conditions or metallic to add dimension

Color Enhancement: have your mural created in color, greyscale or sepia tones

Wall murals are easy to install and simple to clean, providing a high result, low maintenance way to decorate your office or home, or market your business brand. Contact ISS On Demand today to discuss the design for your wall mural.




The Benefits of Vehicle Graphics

A small business needs to make strategic decisions about their advertising, and there are a variety of ways to market your brand. Dollar for dollar, vehicle graphics are an effective and affordable way to expose your business to thousands of potential customers when used effectively. Graphics and lettering on your vehicle can showcase your brand identity year round, unlike other advertising options like media and print.

You can choose between full auto wraps, magnetic lettering for door panels, or graphics for windows and tail gates. Vehicle graphics can be created to have changeable sections that are quick and affordable to update, so you are not locked into one static ad campaign for the duration of the wrap’s life. And vehicle wraps are long term – they can last 5 years or more, with the added value of protecting your paint job from stone chips and scratches.

Whether it’s one or multiple vehicles, we will craft vehicle graphics that communicate your message. You can use the same colors from your logo and other marketing materials.We will help you design visually engaging images that are suitable for a broad range of vehicle makes and models.

How to maximize the benefits of vehicle graphics:

Choose images and text that are bright and bold, but also simple and crisp

Don’t underestimate the power of your vehicle’s roof. People looking out their windows from higher floors can see your ad there

Park close to the road or in the middle of the parking lot for the most exposure. Choose a spot next to an empty space or a vehicle that doesn’t block the ad on your vehicle.

Take different routes to work and home so different drivers can see your car

Drive on the highway for a mobile billboard effect. Time in traffic is bonus exposure.

We proudly provide all of these services, so call ISS Printing Services today to discuss a plan for your vehicle graphics. Here’s a testimonial from one of many of our satisfied customers:

” Being a sole proprietor of a small business, having my car wrapped with my business information and logo has been a tremendous asset to me. It has given me a great presence when I meet with new clients. It helps me with my brand recognition in my local driving circles. People know and recognize my business, just because they have seen my vehicle. The extra bonus has been that I have gotten leads from new prospects who have taken down my information while I have been parked in public. This has been one of the most effective marketing choices I have made for my small business.” 

Becky G.


Brochures: A Sure Thing

How Your Brochure Benefits Your Company

Good marketing requires a balance of strategies- some that follow trends, and a few that are classic, like a well crafted brochure. I know this may come as a surprise, but there’s a market of clients out there that do not rely on the internet for information but instead prefer and trust the hard copy.

Brochures are versatile. A potential client can go back again and again to refer to the helpful information it provides. You can mail them, hand them out or leave them at a location. They can be printed in different formats such as menus, flyers, product guides, and newsletters, and of course the conventional tri-fold style. They can also be in an electronic format, as an online pdf, a link to a pdf, or an email-ready PDF. And, they are cost effective for smaller businesses on a budget, especially when printed in higher amounts.

Brochures Appeal to the Senses

Consider the tactile feel of the paper’s texture, the glossy visuals, and the smell of freshly printed pages. It’s easier for the brain to retain information that has effected the senses, and no website or email can deliver such an experience. Your brochure can’t be deleted from an email box or get lost in a spam folder.

Brochures Offer a Personal Experience

To be able to physically hand over a brochure when you’re face to face with a potential client is an invaluable opportunity. It’s a chance to promote your services directly to someone as opposed to handing them a business card and delegating the task of researching your company on their own.

Brochures Show Your Intention

A personalized opportunity for telling your detailed story, a brochure gives potential customers the assurance they need to choose your company’s

products and services. A business that invests in a high quality brochure validates their longevity, stability, and commitment to their clients, and communicates to customers that they have reliable credentials and dependable business practices. Many clients expect to see evidence of experience and performance before they do business with you.

Brochures Are Versatile Promotional Tools

  • Display them in waiting rooms and at reception desks
  • Hand them out at trade shows and conferences
  • Put them in promotional giveaway bags along with samples, small gifts or company swag
  • Add them to your media kits to inspire reviews, press releases and feature stories about your business
  • Use them as a call to action by providing links to your website and social media platforms

Used to their potential, brochures are a marketing tool that can attract long term customers who rely on and believe in your business.

Business Stationery Basics: Notecards

Business notecards

The portfolio of business stationery includes pocket folders, letterhead, envelopes, and of course notecards. Every business needs notecards for their most important communications. Whether it’s a thank you note to a customer or a special note of appreciation to an employee, a personal handwritten note on a custom printed notecard goes a long way. In fact, according to advertising executive Rory Sutherland, “humans instinctually know that the value of the communication is directly proportional to the effort that goes into it.” So, it’s worth putting in the extra effort of a handwritten note on your custom printed notecard when you need your message to get through.


Notecard sizes:

Notecards come in standard sizes. From smallest to largest the standard sizes are 4bar, A2, A6 and A7. A 4bar card is 3.5”x4.875” and is great for simple notes. Usually there’s enough room on the front for a logo or company name. An A2 card is 4.25”x5.5” and is great as a thank you card. There’s room for a larger design on the front and plenty of room inside for a longer note. A6 and A7 are even larger with an A7 card measuring 5”x7” which is a great size for holiday cards or for tucking another piece of paper or business card inside.


Why should you use custom notecards for your business?

Custom notecards are more personal

 You know your customers better than anybody. You already have a relationship with them, and since custom notecards leave room inside for writing a handwritten note with a personal message it’s a great opportunity to strengthen that relationship in a unique way. You can write about a recent event in your customer’s life, congratulate them on a professional milestone or just say thanks for their business. With your unique personal perspective, you’ll genuinely connect with your customer and build a better relationship.

Custom notecards are more memorable

 Many other people might have the same generic store-bought cards that all the look the same. By printing your own custom notecards you will have a unique design making your cards more memorable than your competitors’. The combination of using a smartly branded notecard with a personalized handwritten note will make your notecards more likely to be read and remembered, which will keep your business at the top of their mind when they’re ready to buy what you sell.

Custom notecards are more valuable

 In a world where your audience is bombarded by emails, texts, and other digital communication, a handwritten note on a beautifully printed notecard with your company branding will stand out from the crowd and provide far and away more value than the cost of the card. It communicates that the receiver is important to you.  Spending the few minutes of time putting pen to paper is well worth the investment.


Need some inspiration?

Here are some more articles to get you started



Getting Back to Business

While it’s sad to say goodbye to summer, and school vacation is over, here at ISS we are happy to be getting back to business with our printing services! We are busy printing a number of exciting projects, and early fall is full of anticipation for the new school year and there’s an energy in the air now that we've been recharged by the summer. It’s always fun for us to see what our local business customers have been busy planning. Sometimes it’s a complete marketing overhaul and other times it’s just a buff up, but we can tell that our customers have been busy thinking about their brands. As a printing services company, we get very excited to see all the new logos, new colors, new product announcements and new trade show collateral – which is the result of hours of hard work by our customers. We are also busy printing for several local schools. It’s great to see the new yearbooks for high school sports teams and read the latest announcements in the school newsletters. We are probably more aware of the different activities going on around the area than many parents, and we really enjoy getting to know the different groups and the great programs they run. There’s definitely a sense of mutual excitement when a longtime customer comes back from the summer with a fantastic new product launch or a school group has a creative new fundraiser and we get to help them announce it to the world. So bring on the fall. Let’s get back to business!

Booklet Printing Basics

Booklets are one of the most versatile products businesses can use. Booklets, any bound document with more than four pages, can be used for everything from expanded brochures, to catalogs, manuals, newsletters, and even calendars are technically booklets. Booklets provide a professional presentation of information with high quality covers and full color graphics. Here are five basic tips for high impact booklets.
  1. Have the right number of pages. The page count in a booklet must be a multiple of four. Booklets are made by folding full sheets into four pages. For instance, three sheets of 8.5"x11" paper folded in half and stapled together create twelve individual 5.5"x8.5" pages. Therefore, every booklet must contain a page count including the cover, inside cover, inside back cover and back cover that is divisible by four. If your document only has thirty one pages, then a blank page needs to be added, usually an extra blank page in the front or back, to reach thirty two pages which is a multiple of four.
  2. Number your pages correctly. Numbering the pages in a booklet is a little detail that is important to get right and easy to miss.  If you are printing a newsletter, directory or manual with page numbers it is important to follow convention with your page numbering. Page one is on the right. So, a typical booklet would have a cover, an inside cover and then page one. If you don't have anything designed for the inside cover, then it is simply left blank rather than moving page one to the inside cover
  3. Choose between full color and black and white inside pages. The decision to use color or black and white printing is mostly determined by the end use of the booklet. For marketing related material like expanded brochures or presentations, full color printing delivers the most impact and a more professional look. For more text heavy documents including manuals, newsletters, and directories, basic black and white inside pages are perfectly fine. You can always choose to add a full color cover with black and white inside pages to add a little visual interest to your booklet.
  4. Pick the right cover. There are four types of booklet covers. Self covers use the same paper as the inside pages (self cover). A standard cover is on thick cover stock to add some heft and differentiate it from the inside pages. You can also use a clear front cover with a leatherette back cover, or have covers inserted into the front of a three ring binder. Expanded brochures, playbills, programs, and newsletters can have a self cover or standard cover. Thick covers are used for manuals, directories, catalogs and presentations. Presentations and manuals could also use clear front covers with leatherette backs or three ring binders.
  5. Use an appropriate binding option.Binding options for booklets include saddle stitch, perfect binding, wire binding, or a three ring binder. Saddle stitch binding uses two staples along the spine of the booklet, perfect binding is the process of gluing the pages to the spine of the cover like a paperback book, wire binding uses a metal "comb" to hold the pages together. Most booklets are saddle stitched. This is a great option for booklets with less than forty pages and for self cover booklets. For booklets with more pages or if you want a clear cover with leatherette back then wire binding is the best option. Wire binding is also good for notebooks or workbooks, since you can flip the pages all the way around to the back. Lastly, for very large booklets, such as manuals or presentations with a hundred or more pages, three ring binders or perfect binding is most appropriate.

How To Use Business Holiday Cards To Grow Sales

To grow sales, first build relationships. And sending business holiday cards is one of the best ways to build relationships. They connect you personally to your customer and express thanks and well wishes for the holiday season. This is marketing at its best. It puts your brand in front of your customer, and your customer appreciates the gesture and feels good about working with your company. More than a smart marketing item, business holiday cards can also grow sales. Show you care by making it personal 2 important elements make up business holiday cards. The design or graphic on the front and the message written inside. It's best to use a custom design that resonates with your customer or relates to your business. This shows that you put some thought into your business holiday card and makes it more memorable. Secondly, individualize the message. The ultimate personal message is the hand-written note. It's also OK to add a personal message to a printed inside greeting. By taking the time to hand write a message you show your customer that they are important to you. Include a gift Including a gift or discount with your business holiday card separates it from your competition. You've shown that this person is important to you by sending the card in the first place, a gift or discount goes above and beyond to cement your relationship. The gift can be related to your product or service, but it doesn't have to be. Giving a golf enthusiast a golf related gift builds a stronger relationship and increases future sales even if there's no immediate sales opportunity. Follow up Sending your business holiday card is one touch point. Following up with an email, phone call or visit is another touch point with a built-in excuse: checking to see if they received and enjoyed the gift or discount. This is a simple contact to say "Hello," wish them happy holidays, and confirm the business holiday card was received. When done correctly, holiday marketing is one of the most personal and feel-good opportunities to connect with your customers. Combining a custom designed, professionally printed business holiday card with a small gift and the right follow up is the first step to building stronger relationships and growing your sales.