Getting Back to Business

While it’s sad to say goodbye to summer, and school vacation is over, here at ISS we are happy to be getting back to business with our printing services! We are busy printing a number of exciting projects, and early fall is full of anticipation for the new school year and there’s an energy in the air now that we’ve been recharged by the summer.

It’s always fun for us to see what our local business customers have been busy planning. Sometimes it’s a complete marketing overhaul and other times it’s just a buff up, but we can tell that our customers have been busy thinking about their brands. As a printing services company, we get very excited to see all the new logos, new colors, new product announcements and new trade show collateral – which is the result of hours of hard work by our customers.

We are also busy printing for several local schools. It’s great to see the new yearbooks for high school sports teams and read the latest announcements in the school newsletters. We are probably more aware of the different activities going on around the area than many parents, and we really enjoy getting to know the different groups and the great programs they run.

There’s definitely a sense of mutual excitement when a longtime customer comes back from the summer with a fantastic new product launch or a school group has a creative new fundraiser and we get to help them announce it to the world.

So bring on the fall. Let’s get back to business!