Business Stationery Basics: Notecards

Business notecards

The portfolio of business stationery includes pocket folders, letterhead, envelopes, and of course notecards. Every business needs notecards for their most important communications. Whether it’s a thank you note to a customer or a special note of appreciation to an employee, a personal handwritten note on a custom printed notecard goes a long way. In fact, according to advertising executive Rory Sutherland, “humans instinctually know that the value of the communication is directly proportional to the effort that goes into it.” So, it’s worth putting in the extra effort of a handwritten note on your custom printed notecard when you need your message to get through.


Notecard sizes:

Notecards come in standard sizes. From smallest to largest the standard sizes are 4bar, A2, A6 and A7. A 4bar card is 3.5”x4.875” and is great for simple notes. Usually there’s enough room on the front for a logo or company name. An A2 card is 4.25”x5.5” and is great as a thank you card. There’s room for a larger design on the front and plenty of room inside for a longer note. A6 and A7 are even larger with an A7 card measuring 5”x7” which is a great size for holiday cards or for tucking another piece of paper or business card inside.


Why should you use custom notecards for your business?

Custom notecards are more personal

 You know your customers better than anybody. You already have a relationship with them, and since custom notecards leave room inside for writing a handwritten note with a personal message it’s a great opportunity to strengthen that relationship in a unique way. You can write about a recent event in your customer’s life, congratulate them on a professional milestone or just say thanks for their business. With your unique personal perspective, you’ll genuinely connect with your customer and build a better relationship.

Custom notecards are more memorable

 Many other people might have the same generic store-bought cards that all the look the same. By printing your own custom notecards you will have a unique design making your cards more memorable than your competitors’. The combination of using a smartly branded notecard with a personalized handwritten note will make your notecards more likely to be read and remembered, which will keep your business at the top of their mind when they’re ready to buy what you sell.

Custom notecards are more valuable

 In a world where your audience is bombarded by emails, texts, and other digital communication, a handwritten note on a beautifully printed notecard with your company branding will stand out from the crowd and provide far and away more value than the cost of the card. It communicates that the receiver is important to you.  Spending the few minutes of time putting pen to paper is well worth the investment.


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