The Benefits of Vehicle Graphics

A small business needs to make strategic decisions about their advertising, and there are a variety of ways to market your brand. Dollar for dollar, vehicle graphics are an effective and affordable way to expose your business to thousands of potential customers when used effectively. Graphics and lettering on your vehicle can showcase your brand identity year round, unlike other advertising options like media and print.

You can choose between full auto wraps, magnetic lettering for door panels, or graphics for windows and tail gates. Vehicle graphics can be created to have changeable sections that are quick and affordable to update, so you are not locked into one static ad campaign for the duration of the wrap’s life. And vehicle wraps are long term – they can last 5 years or more, with the added value of protecting your paint job from stone chips and scratches.

Whether it’s one or multiple vehicles, we will craft vehicle graphics that communicate your message. You can use the same colors from your logo and other marketing materials.We will help you design visually engaging images that are suitable for a broad range of vehicle makes and models.

How to maximize the benefits of vehicle graphics:

Choose images and text that are bright and bold, but also simple and crisp

Don’t underestimate the power of your vehicle’s roof. People looking out their windows from higher floors can see your ad there

Park close to the road or in the middle of the parking lot for the most exposure. Choose a spot next to an empty space or a vehicle that doesn’t block the ad on your vehicle.

Take different routes to work and home so different drivers can see your car

Drive on the highway for a mobile billboard effect. Time in traffic is bonus exposure.

We proudly provide all of these services, so call ISS Printing Services today to discuss a plan for your vehicle graphics. Here’s a testimonial from one of many of our satisfied customers:

” Being a sole proprietor of a small business, having my car wrapped with my business information and logo has been a tremendous asset to me. It has given me a great presence when I meet with new clients. It helps me with my brand recognition in my local driving circles. People know and recognize my business, just because they have seen my vehicle. The extra bonus has been that I have gotten leads from new prospects who have taken down my information while I have been parked in public. This has been one of the most effective marketing choices I have made for my small business.” 

Becky G.