Wall Murals: Eye Candy for your Wall

Are you looking for a new way to draw attention to your business or a fresh way to communicate your message? Would you like to visually strengthen your identity and branding, or add some personality to an otherwise bland space? A wall mural can do all of this and more.

Maybe it’s time to decorate your office or home walls with something creative and innovative. Murals are an eye catching and creative way to draw attention to your goods and services. They are wonderful visuals for hotels, restaurants, and offices, and they enhance areas of high foot traffic like lobbies and reception areas. Wall murals can add depth and dimension to a small space, and framed or unframed, they are a dynamic solution for transforming different areas. Use them to draw attention to a space, or provide privacy.

With wall murals you can add depth and dimension by intensifying or highlighting certain colors, and color affects many things. It affects our emotions, and those emotions affect our spending decisions. Color also affects moods and behaviors like positivity, productivity and problem solving, great feelings to instill in both your employees and clients.


Murals are not just for walls :

  • Put them on ceilings, floors, tables, windows
  • Use them as trade show banners and signage, research posters, presentation materials
  • Decorate closet doors, headboards, room dividers, accent walls


You can create your mural from an original image, an existing piece of art, a photograph, or even an entire website page. The mural can incorporate your logo, tagline and testimonials. You can present a collage of different images and text. Each wall mural is unique to your specifications. Depending on the measurements, application surface and desired longevity, you can personalize it with choice of texture, finish, material and color enhancement.


Available Materials:  polyester, vinyl, paper, acrylic, canvas and more. Eco-friendly materials and inks are also available, and light weight but sturdy materials as well.

Visibility: choose from transparent, back lit or opaque

Longevity: murals can be permanent, and as removable or repositionable pieces

Finishes: some options are matte, glossy, iridescent to work with lighting conditions or metallic to add dimension

Color Enhancement: have your mural created in color, greyscale or sepia tones

Wall murals are easy to install and simple to clean, providing a high result, low maintenance way to decorate your office or home, or market your business brand. Contact ISS On Demand today to discuss the design for your wall mural.