Rack Cards: Here’s Why

Rack cards are an affordable and effective marketing tool easily seen and accessed in areas of high foot traffic. The benefits of rack cards are numerous. They enable you to reach a new audience, and in some cases be seen again and again by repeat visitors to the display location. They are easy to pick up and carry, and less expensive than information filled brochures, which have 6 sides to design.

You can use them to promote something specific, or as a general introduction to your business.



They generally come in two sizes, 4” x 9” or 3.5” x 8.5” and the key to a successful rack card is simplicity and focus. It’s easy to try and cram information in to a smaller document like this. But it’s a high impact tool that should communicate just a few key things.

Go out and look at rack card displays. What colors do you see? Which ones stand out, and why? At first glance you’ll notice that you only see the top half of the card, which needs a bright visual image that catches the eye of the viewer. Use original images that compliment to your brand. A strong headline or your business tagline in a striking font is a great attention grabber.

It’s best to have them printed on a heavier card stock, with a matte finish so your bold graphics will not be effected by the glare from sun, windows or indoor lighting. Use short descriptions and bullet points. Don’t be afraid to have some white space – it creates contrast with your visual aspects of the card. Make sure you include all your contact information – business name, address, phone, website, and social media platforms. And have a call to action – coupon, online discount code, business card, etc. You can even have a 2” perforated section at the bottom for this purpose for people to tear off and use, share, or hold on to.

Although the information should be clear and concise, your rack cards can be multi-purpose. They can fold, similar to a brochure, and have a menu or a listing of services, or a location map inside. One thing to avoid is listing actual prices, so you don’t have to reprint your cards every time your prices change.

The more unique your rack card is visually, the more it will stand out.



Rack card stands can be free standing or displayed on counters. You can find rack cards on display in places like:

  • Hotels
  • Rest Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Landmarks
  • Convenience stores
  • At your own business


What else?

Having your rack cards in a variety of display locations is a good strategy. They are the right size for 10” envelopes so another versatile option is to use them as mailers.

You can also give them out:

  • As packaging inserts
  • Handouts at trade shows and conferences
  • Sale or event reminders
  • Service announcements
  • Coupons at seminars and conferences


A rack card is a tangible piece of information that, designed successfully, potential customers will want to hold on to. Having an engaging and persuasive marketing tool like a rack card will put you a step ahead of your competitors. Contact ISS On Demand today to start the design for your rack card.