Trade Show Graphics: Are You Ready?

You’ve reserved your space, marketed and advertised, and polished your pitch for your potential visitors. But are your trade show graphics as ready as you are?

Not only should your trade show display be attractive to potential clients, it should be comfortable and functional to work in for the length of the trade show. What do you hope to accomplish at the trade show? If you haven’t yet, attend another trade show to get ideas and see what to avoid. Knowing your purpose will help you craft your message. Will you:

  • Hand samples out to familiarize the public with your product?
  • Try to sign up new clients at a designated meeting space in your booth area?
  • Inform everyone about new and exciting things you have to offer, and hand out promotional materials and/or give demos?

Your graphics need to be bold and legible, with good quality images with high resolution. Focus on the eye catching, dynamic use of image, color, and word choice. Your company name does not need to be the star of the graphics, especially if you’re just getting started. Communicate what makes you unique, what you do differently than your competition.Your goal should not only be to engage your target customers, but to save you from spending time with customers who are not in your target market.

Visualize a bullseye with your booth in the middle. How will your graphics pull your desired visitors closer to you? Too much content or too many images can compete with each other causing distraction. Strategize your graphic placement on three levels:

100 feet away or further: Use bold images to identify your brand at the maximum height allowed, visible from any spot on the showroom floor. This will get people walking in your direction. Think towers, canopies, hanging signs.

10-50 feet from the end of an aisle, or one aisle over:  Choose images like your logo and tag line, that represent your company and what you offer. The best height for these graphics is 5 – 8 feet high, or just above eye level. Think outer walls, the back wall, etc.

1 – 10 feet away: Short-range trade show graphics are meant to communicate your brand’s message once attendees are in or near your exhibit space. They can include images, products, services and/or company information as well as infographics, charts and graphs that are legible from close distances.

Short-range graphics are smaller than mid and long-range graphics and are meant to be read at eye level, between 5-6 feet from the ground.

No matter how many surfaces or levels you have in your display what’s on them needs to tell a consistent and engaging story.

You’ve invested valuable time designing your booth, so make sure you view the plans before they are printed and constructed:

  • Think strategically about shelf placement
  • Double check all measurements
  • Make sure the monitors aren’t blocking logos or imagery, and that key words aren’t split by seams
  • Check the specific colors you requested and confirm that they came out the way you expected

There are a number of elements to consider when designing the right trade show graphics for your company. Hiring someone who has experience and skill with trade show graphics will ensure your trade show success. Contact us at ISS to schedule a consult for your trade show graphics.