There’s a wide variety of generic marketing materials out there, but if you want to stand out, specialty print items give a more professional message to your audience and tell your individual brand story. We have some great ways to use specialty printing that will help your business get noticed.

Tags, Tags, Tags

Hang Tags attract instant attention and recognition to your products, and can be attached to clothing and other items. You can really personalize your tags with your name and logo for a professional touch. You can also include care instructions or your company mission. Hang tags are an opportunity to bring attention to your brand with color, shape and image, that will stay in someone’s mind.

Name Tags are someone’s first impression when they meet you.Guests and visitors will feel welcome when they know who you are. Employees will feel like part of a team with name tags specifically designed to the company where they work. Name tags create a sense of community in the workplace when everyone knows each other’s names. And whether your an attendee, a volunteer, or a representative at an event, an eye catching and unique name tag will draw people to you. When someone knows your name, it can make a situation more familiar, relaxed and personal. Different options are:

  • Plastic printed name tags for short term positions
  • Metal engraved name tags for the CEO of your company
  • Erasable name tags for reuse

Whichever type of tag you choose to promote your business, make sure you choose custom printing to bring attention to your brand identity. Consider these design elements:

  • Size and shape
  • Color and material
  • Folded or one vs. two sided


We have all picked up a menu and been overwhelmed – by the amount of writing, choices, specials and/or pictures. And we have all held a menu in our hands that was stained or worn. A menu represents your business, and if it’s dirty, faded or torn, it makes for a bad first impression. Menus offer many options to let customers know what you have to offer:

  • Dine-in menus strategically designed and printed on durable water resistant or even waterproof paper give a clean and upscale feeling to your establishment.
  • Take-out menus are an inexpensive marketing tool. They can be printed on paper and used as mailers, or made on thicker paper stock and handed out at your restaurant. Either way it’s a great at home reminder to eat there, or anywhere else if you offer delivery.
  • Table tents are “spotlight menus” for specials or seasonal food and drinks. The images and print are larger, and table tents get lots of viewing time since they remain on the table throughout your customers’ visit.

Waterproof Paper

Waterproof paper is a durable material that can be printed on professionally. Who actually can benefit from waterproof paper?

  • Professionals who want to protect important documents from spills and tears
  • Hikers, skiers and tourists benefit from waterproof maps in inclement weather
  • Event planners who need posters for signage at outdoor events like parties and concerts

There are many wonderful ways to use waterproof paper if you need to strengthen and extend the life of your printed materials.

Always, always proof before printing

With any specialty printing project, double check the proof to make sure that all

of the design elements are what you asked for. Check the colors, print size and layout.  At ISS On Demand, we are happy to help you design, proof and print the right specialty print materials for your business. Contact us to schedule a consult.