Benefits of Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are an easy and affordable way to showcase your business brand in a variety of environments. Like windows for your marketing, retractable banners can easily be open and closed, transported and repositioned with ease, and are space efficient when either open or rolled up. Their professional image attracts attention and increases foot traffic to where you display your banner.

Banners from ISS have aluminum frames and anti-curl vinyl banners. Aluminum is a sturdy but lightweight metal, and anti-curl vinyl is durable and easy to maintain – you can use it outdoors, it resists fading, and is easy to clean.

These banners are great for placement at short term and temporary events like:

  • trade shows
  • fundraisers
  • speaking events
  • sidewalk advertisement
  • sporting events
  • conferences

Retractable banners are also great for use in banks, as office decor and in restaurants, and any other location where you want to draw attention to your company brand.

Here are some key reasons to invest in a retractable banner:

Simple set up – Just set up the stand, roll down the banner, and hook it on the bottom. Retractable banners are ready to promote your business in minutes

Cost effective – the stand is a one time purchase and different banners can be ordered as needed

Portable – Lightweight and compact when rolled up, they are easy to carry and store

Custom design for your brand – Use your brand elements and vivid images to create curiosity and draw viewers to you

Can be double sided – reach twice the audience with your business message and graphics on both sides of your banner

Easy care – wipe down your banner after each use, let it dry, then roll it up until you need it again

Protection –  the printing on your banner is covered when rolled up and kept in its storage tote. You can choose from soft, padded or hard carry cases.

Flexible and versatile – you can have interchangeable banners for different purposes


When designing your banner, you have to consider a few things:

Where will you be using your banner?

This will effect the size of the banner you choose.


What size base will be best for you?

For indoor banners a basic base with foldable legs might be sufficient. But if your banner is large or you’re planning on using it outdoors, you will want a bigger and more stable base.


Should you choose a bungee or telescopic pole?

Bungee cords are static and have no flexibility in height. Telescopic poles can be adjusted to increase or decrease your graphic by 20″ to 30″ in height, which is a great benefit if you have a few different size banners.


Which type of clamp bar do you want?

A grip clamp bar will simply hold the top of your banner. You slide the vinyl in to the grip then tighten it. The velcro clamp bar is similar, except velcro secures the banner instead of a grip.  Both give you the option to change out the graphics, but you will need additional velcro for new banners.


At ISS, we can assist you in designing the right banner for you.

Call us today for a banner design consultation.