Printed Marketing Materials for Your Brand

Our commercial printing division at ISS On Demand has a wide variety of equipment specifically designed to fulfill the diverse range of requirements our clients expect. From elaborate 4-color brochures and direct mail printing, to basic stationery and business cards, ISS can manage your company’s brand for all your marketing collateral and general print product needs.


Direct Mail Printing

Direct-mail advertising is for sending promotions to new and current customers. One benefit of using direct mail is that you can specifically target your desired demographic, and mailers can be addressed to individual recipients, making it more personalized. It’s easy to measure the success of a direct mailing by including a coupon or call to action with an expiration date that is exclusive to the mailer.

You can also choose to mail out a small test batch of a direct-mail advertisement to see how the response is, which cuts the cost of a larger mailing if you need to change your promotion or strategy. If you decide the first mailing was successful, you can then send out a larger mailing.


4 – Color Brochures

4-color brochures are a promotional business tool that can produce a great return on investment. The process of printing 4-color brochures can use simple to sophisticated printing processes, depending on the desired brochure content.

You want to choose colors that are printable, so keep in mind that not all colors translate well to print. Like any printing project, make sure you see a proof before the full amount of brochures are printed. It’s also best to choose a company, Like ISS,  whose printers use a technique called “full bleed,” which means the design being printed will go right to the edge of the paper, and not leave a white border around the edge.

Using color well in your brochure enhances your message visually and emphasizes specific points. Color is connected to emotion, so using a color scheme that is consistent and pleasing provides a better experience for your reader than one which is too loud, busy, or difficult to read.


Basic Stationery

Traditional stationery continues to be a core element of marketing and  communication. It gives the customer access to your contact information right on the page, and makes it convenient to get in touch with you. Business stationery is also an excellent way to reinforce your brand.

Many issues are best communicated by traditional means, and stationery is considered a formal  and professional way to discuss business,. When a commitment of any kind is in writing on formal stationery, whether it’s a quote, a proposal or a special offer, it’s seen as a legitimate business action.

A standard set of customized stationery requires thought, which shows clients that you are organized and thinking ahead. There is also something tactile about holding a quality piece of engraved stationery that no digital communication can compete with.


Business Cards

Business cards are a great physical record of who you are and what you do. They help others spread the word about you and what you do by passing your card on to someone else, and can be the link to a new job or opportunity. Someone who has your card might reflect on your exchange and use your information to connect with you. Business cards are a tangible call to action reminder. Networking is essential for the self employed. It provides the opportunity for connecting face to face and speaking with potential clients. There’s nothing as effective as closing a networking conversation by exchanging business cards. It’s the next best thing to a handshake. Today business cards are more creative, quicker to produce and cost effective. They are an excellent way to increase your brand awareness, and to remind the recipient who you are and what you do.

There are many great choices when it comes to printed marketing materials for your business. Let ISS on Demand help you decide which is best for you.