The Power of Posters and Signage

When starting a business one of the paramount necessities is your branding design and how you choose to market your business. These are big decisions because you want to pick marketing tools that are cost effective, that are professional, and represent what your company has to offer. Branding needs to be visible, original, and unavoidable. It also needs to be versatile and durable.

If you want to create successful marketing tools that attract attention to your business, then large format printing such as well crafted posters and signage are both excellent strategies. Large printing has the power to make your customers and prospects notice what you have to say, and therefore want to interact with your business.

Posters and signage are versatile. They can be seen anywhere at any time, and seen by anyone. Use them to announce promotions or provide info about your company. Both are extremely cost effective when compared to the cost of print, radio or tv.

With today’s advanced printing technology, we can create high quality, visually dynamic material on a large scale, and have people talking about your business and what you have to offer.

Posters and signs are great to use locally, where people drive in the same patterns daily. They will constantly see and remember your logo, your colors and your message if presented in a unique and engaging way. For walkers and shoppers, bright, noticeable signage at eye level will have the same effect.

Communicate your message instantly at first sight. Less is more when it comes to posters and signage, so choose catchy key words, use your brand colors and a large image of your logo. If space allows, have a call to action like an invitation to visit your website, give your store location, or an opportunity to redeem an offer. Choose wisely, because if your imagery is too busy, viewers will not be able to take it all in.

The benefits of these large format print items are:

Size, space and simplicity – Make posters and signs as large as location allows. Choose a space that has constant and heavy foot traffic. Present your message simply for a strong, first impression impact

Longevity – these items can be for short term or long term use, and used indoors or outdoors. Posters can be laminated, framed and/or mounted for better durability. Signs can be used outdoors as landmarks and indoors to promote and locate merchandise.

High Quality and Clarity – today’s excellent print technology allows for crisp and stunning professional images that everyone will stop to look at

Designing posters and signs requires many decisions. We are here to help you design the right message for your business? Contact ISS today!