Get Ready for the Holidays: Printing , Gift Tags and Special Stickers

Days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping, which means the holidays are creeping up on us.

Having personalized holiday greeting cards, gift tags and special stickers printed is much nicer than buying generic versions from the store.

If you’re thinking about designing and printing with a personalized message, the time is now, and ISS On Demand can help.

The holidays are one of the best times of the year to connect with new and existing customers. Many business communications have become so impersonal. If you have a new or updated brand, personalized printing  is a great opportunity to promote your new look for the new year. Make sure the design you choose is true to your business brand.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards reflect your business and your brand, and are a way to say “Thanks, we appreciate and value your business.” A greeting card shows your customers that you took the time to select something specific for them, that expresses your gratitude for your business relationship in the past year. It’s also a subtle reminder to do any necessary holiday business with you. Just a line or two to express gratitude and good wishes is enough.

Keep in mind that holiday greeting cards should be sent out and received before the end of the year. Often, businesses close before and after the holiday, so receiving your greeting card before their holiday vacation begins will have the best effect.

Tip: Have all your greeting cards addressed before Thanksgiving to avoid the last minute rush. Even better, if you have your contacts in your computer, print out the addresses.

Gift Tags

Personalized gift tags let the gift receiver know where the item originated from. In some ways they are like a limited edition business card that someone can hold on to for future reference. Make sure both sides of the gift tag are used to their potential.

Tip: Create space on the back of the tag for a little message and to list who the gift is from and who it’s for.


Personalized with your logo, stickers add a nice touch to gift bags or wrapping, if your business offers this service. Make it a memorable branding opportunity by enhancing your colors and images with some holiday flair.

Stickers are an inexpensive way to add an extra touch and really complete the look of a package or envelope. They are multipurpose – you can use them as envelope seals, address labels and return address labels, depending on the size shape and what is printed on them.

Tip: Be sure to use wrapping paper and ribbon in the same colors as your holiday embellished brand image and logo.

If you need assistance with creating personalized greeting cards, gift tags and special stickers for your business, ISS is ready to help you design your perfect holiday message. We offer a variety of printing options for your greeting card as well as other print design services. Call ISS today to start your design.